CHAKRA: It means in Sanskrit Wheel or Disk. They are metaphysical vortices of energy, they control the flow of subtle energies. Connection between the physical and the spiritual. Balanced they help us to make our body, mind and emotions work perfectly. Unbalanced cause us mental, physical and emotional illnesses. Open and balanced will grant us Gifts. Each one has a different vibration, color and characteristics. They are connected between them like the wheels of a clock and if one of them goes too fast or slow each and every one of the wheels will be unbalanced affecting each other. There are two types of imbalance or blockage in the chakras: Fast or Slow. They are blocked when the chakras are repressed, manipulated from ignorance or ignored. The chakras can also be open or closed. Our cells are influenced by our thoughts, emotions and habits. Being aware will help us to experience the interconnectedness that exists in life as a whole in harmony. 

1st-Chakra mūlādhāra (earth) -Color Red. Root. Associated sense: Smell. Meaning: Mula / Raiz-Adhara / Support. Located in the sacral bone, it is outside the body. It is the first chakra in which the kundalini resides, awakens innocence, which is the quality that allows one to experience pure joy, without the limitations of prejudices and conditioning. It gives innocence and gives dignity, balance and a strong sense of right. It develops from 0 to 7 years. It is connected to the endocrine glands. It is the one that has the plug with the earth, connects with the telluric energy, feeds the lower three 2 and 3, ends in the 4 th heart where the force shock is, union between the lower and upper chakras. The first chakka gives us if it is well balanced on its positive side: Self-sufficiency. Attributes: Vitality, confidence, survival. Unbalanced or blocked, be victims.

When it goes fast / accelerated: We become violent, materialistic, centered on ourselves with meaningless goals

Braking / slow: Emotional need, low self-esteem, self-destructive, fearful. When they stop because it blocks causes: Bone problems, arthritis, anxiety, hip pain, knees, osteoporosis. Our hair falls out.

BALANCED: Self-control, physical energy, health, rooted in the world and in nature. It is balanced by maintaining contact with nature, dancing, going barefoot through the earth, contact with the ground / rocks, trees. When it goes fast / accelerated: We become violent, materialistic, centered on ourselves with meaningless goals.

GIFTS WHEN OPEN / ACTIVE: Open chakra, survival instinct, vitality. Mental balance, security, serenity, confidence, self-control, altruism. Learning to open and be able to move to the 2nd chakra: CARING FOR YOUR BODY / MIND / EMOTIONS – RESPECT.

2nd Chakra swadisthan (water) -Color Orange. Sacrum. Associated sense: Taste. Meaning: Dulcura. Located above the sacrum and below the navel, The second chakra is that of creativity, knowledge. It connects with the inner source of inspiration and allows us to appreciate the beauty of the world. In this center is the capacity for concentration and attention. It means in Sanskrit: What belongs to the self / Sweetness / that life deserves to be lived. It balances taking pleasure. Being happy, enjoying. That is why it has always been castrated, since open gives you freedom, independence, you become uncontrollable and gives you discernment. Connected with hormones, it develops at puberty, between 7 and 14 years. For it to develop properly we do not have to follow any established pattern, it has to be each one, oneself, so when there will be and we go to the 3rd chakra of the ego, it will develop strong / powerful. The second chakka gives us if it is well balanced and well developed, its positive side: Be sovereign. Attributes: Enthusiastic, creative. Sexuality. Unbalanced or blocked: Be Martyrs.

Fast / accelerated: Emotional imbalance, fantasy, manipulator, addicted to pleasure.

Braking / slow: When all the chakras stop because the 2nd is blocked. Excessively sensitive, hard on oneself, guilty without reason, frigidity or impotence. Advanced menopause. Genital cancer or reproductive parts.

BALANCED: Confident and expressive person, in tune with their feelings with their tastes and their creativity. It blocks you from feeling ridiculous. It is balanced and active drinking water, laying hands on the chakra. Breathe with the diaphragm, doing pleasurable activities, eating, sex.

GIFTS WHEN OPEN / ACTIVE: Inspiration, creativity, pleasure, eroticism, sexual energy. Aesthetics, intimacy, clarisensitivity. Learning to open and be able to move to the 3rd chakra: ENJOY YOUR BODY WITHOUT DAMAGING IT, WITHOUT PAIN AND SUFFERING.

3rd-Nabhi chakra, or manipura chakra (fire) -Color Yellow. Solar plexus. Associated sense: Vista. Meaning: Bright gem. The third chakra is that of the EGO and having Ego means having PERSONALITY- Having a personality means NOT BEING A DOLL- It is for this reason that for centuries the religions and the new New Age tendencies have not stopped insisting that having Ego is bad. The New Age is a more developed form of manipulation for it, to continue controlling the masses that do not belong to a specific religion. BE ORIGINAL. You are you, unique, free and sovereign and you should be responsible for it and be connected to your spirit without being the same as anyone else. The third chakka gives us if it is well balanced and well developed, its positive face: Warrior. Enlighten the mind, Transformation of me into a Being of power. Dominance of the mind to give way to our heart. It is the center for exercising free will. Attributes: Have sanity, will, prudence, determination, strength, common sense, ability, self-esteem, decision. Unbalanced or blocked: Being a Slave, Being a puppet. It develops between 14 and 21 years. 

Fast / accelerated: Anger, excessive control, addicted to work, judge everything with superiority. 

Braking / slow: When all the chakras stop because the 3rd is blocked. He worries and affects what they say about him, fears and insecurity, low self-esteem, pride, causes chronic fatigue, ulcers and diabetes. Glaucoma. 

BALANCED: Respect for oneself and for others, personal power, spontaneity, disinhibition. It blocks you feeling frustrated. He balances himself with the sense of humor, laughing at himself, activating himself by rubbing the solar plexus with his hands and imposing his hands on the chakra, breathing with the diaphragm. 

GIFTS WHEN OPEN / ACTIVE: Talent, sanity, achievement, strength, common sense, ability, self-esteem, decision, determination and self-esteem. Learning to open and be able to move to the 4th chakra: WANT-FORGIVE YOU-LOVE-BE CAREFUL-RESPECT FIRST TO GIVE THE SAME TO OTHERS WITHOUT WAITING.

4th – Anahata Chakra (air) -Color Green. Heart Chakra Associated sense: Touch. Means: Sound that is made without two things colliding, without friction, in and for seconds. Perfect balance between spirit down in the earth / matter and the matter that rises towards the spirit from the earth. Located at the level of the sternum, the fourth chakra, the circle of the heart, is the place where the spirit resides. From the heart, love and compassion are manifested. All our fears and fears dissipate when the Kundalini passes through the heart chakra. It has wonderful qualities only when it is open, it opens very little by little, day by day, it is easy for us, it has to be given every day, smiles, kindness, compassion, friendship, forgiveness, patience. But also to be open it has to receive and it is easy to close and damage again. Wanting is not loving. To want is to need, Love is unconditional and free of interest and need. To get to love from the opening of the heart chakra you must have worked, transcended and overcome the first 3 chakras if it is not impossible. The fourth chakka gives us if it is well balanced and well developed, its positive face: Lover, emotional development, magic, divine spark “love”. Attributes: Love, security, objectivity, compassion, forgiveness, transcendence, wisdom, group consciousness and peace. Unbalanced or blocked: Performer. The one who needs to use love, look for something but gives love to his lover, on condition but gives. It is the chackra responsible for addictions, hohoc drugs, suicides, murders, mistreatment, if it is not balanced. It develops between 21 and 28 years. Fast / accelerated: Possessive, feeling of punishment, conditionally wants, dramatic, melancholy, fear of betrayal, addicted to drugs, jealousy, dependent, feeling of spiritual emptiness. 

Braking / slow: When all the chakras stop because the 4th is blocked. Fear in excess and rejection and loneliness, feels unworthy to receive, causes hypertension, heart disease, lack of desire to live, shortness of breath, cancer. It blocks you from feeling rejected.

BALANCED: Love, security, forgiveness, respect, detachment, surrender, transcendence, wisdom, conscience, compassion, feed the energy and spirit of others, encourage, advise, help. It balances giving and receiving. Serve and care for others. It is activated with conscious breathing. Read tender books and watch romantic movies, impose hands on the chakra. Help and love above all.

GIFTS WHEN OPEN / ACTIVE: You have to have the first 4 open and balanced gives you happiness and fullness on earth since the other three remaining upper chakras are for the spiritual connection with the Self. Learning to open and be able move to the 5th chakra: LOVE YOURSELF / I LOVE YOU – FORGIVE / I FORGIVE YOU – ACCEPT / I ACCEPT YOU AS YOU ARE WITHOUT YOUR DECEPTIONS, CONCILED BY YOUR ACCEPTED AND RESPECTED CHARACTERS IF IT IS THE CASE.

5th – Chakra vishuddhi (ether) -Color Blue. Throat. Associated sense: Ear. It means: Purification. Located in the gorge, the fifth chakra is that of diplomacy. This chakra provides the energy that is needed for communication with others. Its good state affects that the relationships are correct, healthy and in which the perceptions of the heart can be expressed. HE WHO PURIFIES TALKING, does not vomit the world from ignorance and unconsciousness. Speak with intention: Good / bad. Think what is said. speak from the three filter / lower chakras 2, 3, 4. You can talk connected to any of the lower chakras balanced or not, blocked, from fear, from rejection, from what I want and I am interested, manipulating, lying, being false It is important to speak from intuition and connection, with serenity, awareness, and also important tone and expression. Purify before speaking by going through the Ego chakra connected to the heart to speak by measuring the words, tone and expression. It serves to fix things not to spoil it more. In order for it to flow it can not keep secrets, from relief not from dirtying and poisoning. We return to the intention of and why you speak. DO NOT SPEAK “FROM” BUT SPEAK “WITH”. The fifth chakka gives us if it is well balanced and well developed, its positive face: Communicator. To grasp the importance of purifying ourselves by recognizing how we feel, with confidence when expressing emotions. Listen and think before speaking. Self-expression, choosing valuable and powerful words, speaking responsibly. It regulates the thyroid and parathyroid. Attributes: Understanding, communication, spontaneity, sympathy, diplomacy, rejuvenation and longevity, integrity and awareness of the world. Unbalanced or blocked: Masked. It develops between 28 and 35 years. 

Fast / accelerated: Person who speaks without stopping, dogmatic and arrogant. Do not listen. 

Braking / slow: Communication problems, when all the chakras stop because the 5th is blocked, lack of creativity, without confidence, can not express emotions. It causes pains in throat, neck, thyroid problems, allergies, fatigue, vertigo, asthma, deafness or buzzing, confusion, aphonia. It blocks him from speaking badly, without thinking and without meditating the consequences of what has been said.

BALANCED: Good communicator, easy to meditate and concentrate, artistically inspired. The most important points when we speak are: WHAT IS 1-TRUE / FROM YOUR EXPERIENCE-BE 2-USEFUL / Serve us for something- BE 3- BONDED / We benefit / generate Dharma / LIGHT. Also be interesting and want to hear the person you are contacting / talking to. It activates singing, humming, conscious breathing. Impose hands in the chakra.

GIFTS WHEN OPEN / ACTIVE: Communication, Integrity, the one that shows the soul, ability to speak and listen to the truth. Capture the truth and the lie. Sympathy, diplomacy, rejuvenation and longevity, Listen to the spirits, claudioaunciencia and telepathy. Energy awareness is not what you say, but how you say it and why you say it / intention. Learning to open and be able to move to the 6th chakra: WORDS FULL OF TRUTH, OF UTILITY AND GOODNESS-GENERATE DHARMA / LIGHT- MORE IT WILL BE NECESSARY TO SAY TONERIES AND GENERATE KARMA.

6th- Chakra agnya (light) -Color Indigo. Associated sense: Sixth sense. It means: Perceive, know, control. Placing on the forehead or brow, also called the third eye, means the one who perceives, recognizes and communicates. He sees what the other two physical eyes do not see. He perceives and receives the energy and interprets it with wants and wants each one, that is, with their own filters, beliefs, limitations, codes and mental patterns. Save the information of the dreams and interpret them. Only the one who receives and perceives through the third eye can interpret the messages or vision, only from oneself, not another. Intuition / ability to receive information that the other 5 senses can not. Precognition. It gives us many messages to the Ego / that we do not easily integrate. It connects with the collective consciousness / guides / energy. The sixth chakra allows us to transcend from the thinking mental consciousness to the spiritual consciousness, nirvichara (in Sanskrit, ‘without thought’). It does not open with fear or obsession. The sixth chakka gives us if it is well balanced and well developed, its positive face: Psychic. He is carried away by his intuition more than by his 5 senses. See the things that we do not have at the physical level. Knowing things, dimensions that can not be rationalized. Attributes: Mind centered, transcend the physical / matter. Wisdom. Development. Memory, concentration, imagination, visualization, devotion, clairvoyance, temperance, dignity, ability to transform the physical, domain of spirit over matter. Fusion of the conscious and unconscious. It develops with emotional intelligence and intuition. There is no age. The energy is not identified from where it actually comes from, nor how, it is interpreted or shown with a form that is familiar or known from our beliefs. That is why mediums give them names or known references even if they are not since it is energy that changes constantly. They do not reveal the real source and origin since they come from high / dense and flat energies that we do not really understand. Coded information as we hold back. Connected with the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. Once the Psychic part is developed, it does not return to the rational Being unless the chakra is blocked. Unbalanced or blocked: Rationalist. It generates many problems and imbalances since it is irrational and collides with the mind and the left hemisphere.

Fast / accelerated: Person with excessive logic, dogmatic, arrogant, excessive energy and contact with beings from other planes creating confusion between the physical and dimensional world. Absorption of feelings and feelings of other people. A parabolic antenna of uncontrolled beings. Braking / slow: Fear of success, low self-esteem, very low goals, headaches, poor attention and concentration, memory loss, excessive intellectuality, senile madness, lack of logic, fear of the future.

BALANCED: Charismatic person, very intuitive, with the possibility of contacting their guides and channeling information, not attached to material things, the ability to experience unusual phenomena and even provoke them. To activate it practice visualization and meditation. Impose hands in the chakra.

GIFTS WHEN OPEN / ACTIVE: Memory, concentration, imagination, visualization, devotion, clairvoyance, temperance, forgiveness, mental breadth, dignity, ability to transform the physical, domain of spirit over matter. Fusion of the conscious and unconscious. Development of emotional intelligence and intuition. You dominate the drama of life. Learning to open and be able to move to the 7th chakra: FIRST OVERCOME THE 5 PREVIOUS CHAKRAS TO LIVE ASLEEP – ASLEEP WE ARE IN THE REAL WORLD THE EARTH IS ONLY AN ESPERIMENTAL WORLD- ASLEEP WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH DREAMS, CODES, ASTRAL TRAVEL- LIVE IN A PLANE THAT IS THAT OF BEING AWAKE, AND THAT IS WHEN WE ARE ASLEEP, FROM THE DREAMS, ASLEEP, IT IS IN THAT PLANO WHEN WE ARE CREATE OUR REALITY AND WE LOWER AND PLASMAMOS IN THE PHYSICAL / EARTHLY PLANE

7º-Chakra sahasrara (wisdom / thought / cosmic energy) -Color Blaco or Dorado. Associated sense: Beyond BEING. It means: Multiplied by a thousand, or he who reaches the light because it is beyond all difference. It is based on growing not changing. Located in the crown, the seventh center integrates the previous six with all its qualities and aspects. It represents the last step in the evolution of human consciousness. Like the swadisthan chakra, the sahasrara chakra gives direct perception of reality, achieved through realization, through the spontaneous awakening of the kundalini. Guru. Attributes: Complete the balance of all the other chakras. Connected with the pineal gland. It is enlightenment, self-realization, achievement and the Divine Being. Spirituality. Communication and interconnection with things and with knowledge and awareness of Infinity of space and time. Communication with guides and superior spiritual planes, to develop ourselves as beings of light. Fuller, joyful and healthy life. It vibrates with very high speed. Cosmic Consciousness, evolution, unlimited capacity for creation, goodness, universal love, awareness of being one with the whole. The fourth chakka gives us if it is well balanced and well developed, its positive face: Guru, person who does not control, flows. Attributes: Inspiration, joy, cosmic consciousness, unconditional spirituality, integration, evolution, wisdom, goodness, universal love, union with the Divine. Unit consciousness Unbalanced or blocked: Egocentric. He who does what he wants and thinks that he controls life and it is life that controls him. He controls everything, or rather thinks he controls.

Fast / accelerated: Psychotic or manic depressive person, confused, frustrated sxual expression.

Braking / slow: Person constantly tired, unable to make decisions, lack of inspiration and creativity. Deep depression Disconnection of physical reality.

BALANCED: Able to generate “miracles” spiritual gifts, magnetic person, in harmony with what surrounds him. Peace inside To activate and balance visualization and meditation. Work the energies of your body. Impose hands in the chakra.

GIFTS WHEN OPEN / ACTIVE: Inspiration, joy, cosmic consciousness, unconditional spirituality, integration, evolution, wisdom, goodness, universal love, union with the Divine. Unit consciousness The so-called awakening / illumination. Learning or lesson: do the path voluntarily and consciously

Life is the PRESENT who does not live in present and lives in the past and in the future, will be confused, with fear and anxiety

For clean, harmonize and load each chakra we will use minerals or stones that have the same color of each chakras for each one, color in its natural state, without coloring. To clean, load, reset and reprogram the stones or minerals you have to put under the earth the moles at night (better with full moon) the solar for the day, covered with a rag, paper 24 hours. Once removed, always at night they are raised, we uncover them and they have to be programmed with a positive decree always putting the right hand. Nobody touch it before or after, only you.