We want to share the art of living from love and presence

Om-Seny it is an multidisciplinary platform founded from the love than we process for the development of consciousness and consequently welfare without departing from fixed beliefs, religions or dogmas.

We try to share from a global and holistic view. With the support of different tools and different international professionals specialized in the fields; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic.

We provide training courses, seminars, events , conference and Therapies online, some are presencial. Intercontinental travels and cruises. All Bilingual; English and Spanish.

Our desire is to expand the great benefits that brings growing up our consciousness and thereby the health and quality of life. We are aware that the development of consciousness with coherence and love are the basis for interconnection life as a whole in balance and harmony. The inner universe is full of infinite possibilities.

Accept, release and transform our emotions and beliefs, brings us gradually another reality, live more fulfilled in all areas of our life. According with your consciencial evolution process life gives you what you need in every proper time, the more you develop consciousness and release or balance your emotions, more fullness, wisdom, abundance, health, unconditional love, independence, gifts and talents, confidence and certainty. You are creating your own reality.

The group work gives us a great breadth. Each individual contribution It helps and give benefits to the entire group, getting a greater integration, healing. Therefore we offer our schools or long-term programs for give the possibility of a deeper and continued development.

We invite you to feel an experience of freedom …