Om-Seny is a multidisciplinary non-profit platform founded for the development of consciousness

We try to share from a global and holistic vision without starting from any religion, dogma or fixed belief.

We are tired of the separation of genders so… we have to grow! the stereotypes have already done a lot of damage to our personal development. Our desire is to promote new disciplines and new techniques related always in the field of natural health, personal and spiritual growth. Create and support artistic projects, social and environmental projects . Provide a new way of understanding and living life, From a health and integral awareness. A consciousness developed from coherence and love, these are the bases to live the interconnection that exists in life as a whole in balance and harmony, thanks to work in our  physical body, emotional, mental and energetic .

The internal universe is full of infinite possibilities. Accepting, releasing and transforming our emotions, thoughts, habits and beliefs will progressively bring us another reality, live more realized in all areas and be more human and caring. Less egocentric and vain and infinitely more happier and fuller.


We invite you to feel an experience of freedom …